Coalition Building for Healthy Communities

Tom Wolff and Associates bring forty years of experience in coalition building, community development, collaborative solutions and collective impact. We can advance and support your community and agency initiatives. We have the tools and resources necessary to mobilize the power of collaborative processes in your communities.

Through collaborations and coalitions, individuals, organizations and communities become empowered to impact the world around them. Our work is dedicated to bringing greater joy and a deeper sense of spirit and purpose to those seeking to create healthy communities.

Services include:

This is an excerpt from an editorial originally published in the Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice.

1. Collective Impact does not address the essential requirement for meaningfully engaging those in the community most affected by the issues.
2. A corollary of the above is that Collective Impact emerges from top-down business consulting experience and is thus not a true community development model.
3. Collective Impact does not include policy change and systems change as essential and intentional outcomes of the partnership’s work.
4. Collective Impact as described in Kania and Kramer’s initial article is not based on professional and practitioner literature or the experience of the thousands of coalitions that preceded their 2011 article.
5. Collective Impact misses the social justice core that exists in many coalitions.
6. Collective Impact mislabels their study of a few case examples as “research.”
7. Collective Impact assumes that most coalitions are capable of finding the funds to have a well- funded backbone organization.
8. Collective Impact also misses a key role of the Backbone Organization – building leadership.
9. Community wide, multi-sectoral collaboratives cannot be simplified into Collective Impact’s five required conditions.
10. The early available research on Collective Impact is calling into question the contribution that Collective Impact is making to coalition effectiveness.

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